The original concept here was to pay homage to Rage, the Australian national broadcaster’s late-night music video jukebox on weekends. Expound upon how awesome it would be to host Rage and dazzle everyone with my eclectic taste in music. Describe the  first five videos I’d pick, and then open it up to the (most likely zero) folk who’d share their music video favourites.

But such a concept is beside the point. The allure of Rage was the unknown; which video was going to be on next, or who was guest-hosting this week, was a total mystery upon arriving home at 2am on a Sunday morning.

Now, you can get this information ahead of time, and moreover, thanks to YouTube, you can watch any music video you like any time you want. Or, in other words, thanks to the internet, you can be your own Rage host pretty much whenever the mood strikes you.

I don’t think the question, for me, is whether this is necessarily better – it’s that I’ve recognised that the question exists. There was something magical about stumbling across a Rage video late at night that you knew was being seen by few others – but it’s also magical to be your own Rage host.

It’s just a different kind of magic.

On to 3 videos I’m partial towards!

Efterklang – ‘Modern Drift’

I heard about this Danish group in passing from the New York Times Music Popcast: a five-second burst of this song that gave me that ‘who is that?’ feeling you get when you hear something you like and you need to know more.

The video also contains a naked woman (approx 1:00 mark) for no real reason, other than because they can. Ah, Denmark!

Harry Connick Jr – ‘Whisper Your Name’ (live on Letterman, 1994)

A very white-looking (and young) Connick Jr with his very black-looking band tear strips off this piece. I always liked Harry for trying to get out of the Buble-esque crooner pigeonhole around this time; he’s an underrated piano player and his band is tight here.

Beastie Boys – ‘3 MCs and 1 DJ’

It’s the start that kills me: one minute plus of no music as the one joins the three. Hilarious.