Random food which you tell me is delicious

Random food you tell me is delicious.

This is not a personal attack.

Many people I know and count as friends like to take photos of the food they are about to eat, and either share it instantly or later. You are all still nice people and I don’t hold your predilections against you.

I just don’t understand the concept of photo-eating; it baffles me.

I look at the photo you have taken. I can’t taste the food; I can’t smell it. I can’t touch it; I can’t eat it.

But more than this is the unwritten message that you send whenever you photo-eat:

“I am about to do something fantastic,” you say. “And you are not.”

You celebrate your good fortune by reminding me of my poor fortune. Your stomach rejoices; mine merely wonders.  It seems to be the opposite of social inclusiveness that the Web 2.0 has fostered, whereby we get to share in what other people we know and like are doing.

This is not sharing; there is no equitable distribution happening.

You are doing something fantastic, and I am not.