So here I am: breathing in the air of the blogosphere, at last.

I want to make a good go of this, and I want to do this by being (relatively) longform and snark-free – there’s lots of good things out there to talk and think about without resorting to low common denominator stuff.

You can find me tweeting away in 140 characters on Twitter, and generally I’ll be a bit more snarky and sarcastic there.

Some of the things that will pop up on here:

  • Being a dad and being in a family
  • Things I read
  • Sporting-type endeavours of people who are not me
  • Music-type endeavours of people who are not me
  • Running (with a view to me competing in my first marathon in July 2011)
  • And hopefully a mysteriously exciting online initiative I have been thinking about for a little while, and which I hope to start executing soon (riveting, I tell you)

I hope to try and find a regular tone, a consistent voice, that doesn’t yell and scream across the interweb – but rather, offers you things I’ve quietly considered and which I hope you find interesting.

Any feedback you have is welcome, too.